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Cafe Services:

Web surfing Email
Play fun, trivia and strategy games Use Windows Media Player
Sweepstakes games Word processing
Faxing Copy services

VS2 Café Components (Click for diagram)

VS2 Café Components List:

Name Location Purpose
Player Terminal Café Used by Visitor to:
  1. Access Internet;
  2. Play fun, trivia, and strategy games;
  3. Access Windows Media Player;
  4. Free games;
  5. Do word, spreadsheet and image processing;
  6. Use VSG to validate sweepstakes entries.
Network Administrator Terminal Café Network Administration Terminal (NAT) is used by network administrator to control PT’s, manage café settings, and manage customer accounts.
Point Of Sale Café Special terminals used to sell services, grant free sweepstakes entries and perform financial functions.
Auto Attendant Café Used by Visitor to purchase network time; there can be more than 1 AA in each café.
Location Server Café Keeps and tracks Visitor’s account, keeps and tracks configuration and play data from each player terminal. It also houses the finite pool of outcomes and serves those outcomes to the Player terminals upon demand.
Router Café

Hosts the Internet connection that the player terminals can access and LS connection to HQS. Used as firewall and blocks Visitor requests to unwanted Web sites.

Protects local café network from attacks from Internet.

Full Technical Support Services:

When you have any issues with the VS2 software or VS2 supplied hardware, our VS2 techs will help you through the issue, 7 days a week,
365 days/year.

Full Reporting Services:

VS2 software comes equipped with full reporting capabilities so your finances can be managed from a remote location.
Full information is available for cafe activity, player activity and player, employee and overall cafe financial activity.