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Increase profits through network time sales!

VS2 is the leader in Internet Café software development. Our turnkey system offers all of the hardware, software, installation and training to open and operate an Internet café in compliance with state and local laws. VS2 software is feature rich including exciting sweepstakes games, fun games, trivia/strategy games, Web browsing, word processing, and email access. From the owner’s perspective, VS2 offers installation/ technical support, full reporting functionality, and easy to use POS and café management software.

Please review our website thoroughly and contact us should you have any questions or wish to get started in the exciting and profitable world of Internet café’s.

A VS2 location

The gang’s all here!

I love it when I’m right!

What was I searching for?

Who wants to play some fun games?

What am I in the mood for? Sweepstakes? Fun games? Surf The Web?

I think I won!

I need refreshments!

The calm before the storm!

Another lucky VS2 winner!

Relaxing with the fun games!

It’s not all fun and games! I need to get my work done!

Wish me luck!

Food, drink, friends and fun!

Taking a break…

High fives! Another winner!

Having fun, playing games!

Having fun, playing games!

Ka-ching! Thank you and good luck!

Another VS2 location!

Featured Games

11/15/2012 - VS2 launches two new games

  • Carnival: A 5-reel, 20 line carnival theme game with 6 different bonuses!
  • Reality Reels: A 5-reel 20-line game based on a fictitious group of Reality TV shows with two exciting bonuses

Carnival Reality Reels
Carnival Reality Reels



VS2 features over 25 different sweepstakes games including:

Caribbean Crumble Cobra Cash
Caribbean Crumble Cobra Cash